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Article: The Australian tabulate coral genus Hattonia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 17
Part: 3
Publication Date: October 1974
Page(s): 715 726
Author(s): J. W. Pickett and J. S. Jell
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PICKETT, J. W., JELL, J. S. 1974. The Australian tabulate coral genus HattoniaPalaeontology17, 3, 715–726.

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Hattonia Jones, reinterpreted on type and topotype material of Hattonia etheridgei Jones, the type species, is a Silurian and Devonian favositid. It is characterized by distant groups of tabulae developed at the same level throughout the corallum and by pores which are confined to these levels. The genus is endemic to eastern Australia. Two new species, H. fascitabulata from the lower Gedinnian of New South Wales and H. spinosa from the Emsian of north Queensland, are referred to it.
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