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Article: Lower Permian Pelycosaurs from the English Midlands

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 17
Part: 3
Publication Date: October 1974
Page(s): 541 552
Author(s): Roberta L. Paton
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PATON, R. L. 1974. Lower Permian Pelycosaurs from the English Midlands. Palaeontology17, 3, 541–552.

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Three dentigerous bones from sandstones in the Kenilworth area are described and allocated to different genera of pelycosaurs. One of the specimens, the holotype of Oxyodon britannicus von Huene, 1908, is a sphenacodontine, but the generic name Oxyodon is preoccupied and the species is assigned to the genus Sphenacodon Marsh. The second specimen is designated as a new sphenacodontid species, Haptodus grandis; and the third is identified as belonging to the genus Ophiacodon Marsh—previously known only from North American deposits. The palaeo-ecological and stratigraphical significance of the specimens is discussed; they provide additional evidence of an Autunian age for the Kenilworth Sandstones.
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