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Article: A Lower Miocene mammalian fauna from Siwa, Egypt

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 16
Part: 2
Publication Date: June 1973
Page(s): 275 281
Author(s): W. R. Hamilton
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HAMILTON, W. R. 1973. A Lower Miocene mammalian fauna from Siwa, Egypt. Palaeontology16, 2, 275–281.

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A small collection of fossil vertebrates from the Siwa area of Egypt is described. This fauna includes five mammalian genera—a creodont, a cetacean—Schizodelphis off. sulcatus, a proboscidean—Gomphotherium angus-tidens, a rhinoceros—Brachypotherntm snowi, and an anthracothere—Brachyodus africanus; fish and reptiles are also present. This fauna is important as it agrees with the mammalian faunas of Moghara, Egypt, and Gebel Zelten, Libya, which are both early Miocene in age.
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