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Article: Fossil wood of Platanus from the British Eocene

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 15
Part: 3
Publication Date: September 1972
Page(s): 496 500
Author(s): Donald W. Brett
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BRETT, D. W. 1972. Fossil wood of Platanus from the British Eocene. Palaeontology15, 3, 496–500.

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The fossil wood studied comes from the Landenian, Ypresian, and Pleistocene (Red Crag, presumed derived from Ypresian) of south-east England. Two specimens anatomically indistinguishable from the trunk wood of living species of Platanus are described as Platanus sp.: other specimens are described as Plataninium decipiens sp. nov.; these have certain features seen in wood of branch bases and roots of Platanus, but differ slightly from ordinary trunk wood of the living genus. Twelve additional specimens are assigned to the new species. An emended diagnosis of the organ-genus Plataninium Unger is given.
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