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Article: The Sannoisian and some other Upper Palaeogene Ostracoda from north-west Europe

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 15
Part: 2
Publication Date: June 1972
Page(s): 267 325
Author(s): M. C. Keen
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KEEN, M. C. 1972. The Sannoisian and some other Upper Palaeogene Ostracoda from north-west Europe. Palaeontology15, 2, 267–325.

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36 species and subspecies of ostracods are described from the Sannoisian of the Isle of Wight, the Paris Basin, and Belgium. Some comparative species are also described from the Headon Beds and Bembridge Limestone of the Isle of Wight and from the Stampian of the Paris Basin and Aquitaine Basin, and from the Sannoisian of Alsace. 3 new genera are described, Vecticypris, Cladarocythere, and Hammatocythere, together with 10 new species and 1 new subspecies. The ostracods support the idea of the Sannoisian as a facies developed at the base of the Rupelian and forming the base of the Oligocene in the Anglo-Paris-Belgian area. 6 distinct ostracod assemblages can be recognised, mainly salinity controlled.
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