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Article: Ashgillian trilobites from Co. Clare, Ireland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1959
Page(s): 369 383
Author(s): J. Anthony Weir
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WEIR, J. 1959. Ashgillian trilobites from Co. Clare, Ireland. Palaeontology1, 4, 369–383.

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Fifteen species are described and figured, including Corrugatagnostus convergens sp. nov., Shumardia extensa sp. nov., Phylacops bituberculatus sp. nov., and Dindymene ovalis sp. nov.; Thomondia globosa Harper is redescribed from additional material and assigned to the Family Isocolidae. The trilobites were collected from a thin band in the brown mudstone horizon constituting the lower part of the Ballyvorgal Group, a new division at the top of the Ordovician succession in the Slieve Bernagh Mountains. The fauna has close affinities with that of the Upper Whitehouse Beds (Ashgillian) of the Girvan district, Scotland, and appears to be largely of Bo-hemian origin.
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