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Legends of Rock

Legends of Rock: James Parkinson - a legacy to medicine and more

James William Keys Parkinson was born in Shoreditch, London, in 1755. Medicine was his first passion, having trained initially with his father, and he published a great deal of medical texts during his career. He soon succeeded his father in running the family medical practice at 1 Hoxton Square. Many of his medical works were influential, discussing public health and welfare, and providing some of the earliest descriptions in English of afflictions like gout, appendicitis, and ‘Shaking Palsy’.

Legends of Rock: Tilly Edinger

Tilly Edinger (1897–1967) was a German palaeontologist who founded modern palaeoneurology (the study of fossil brains) in the 1920s and for the first time discussed problems that still form the basis of palaeoneurology.

Johanna Gabrielle Ottilie “Tilly” Edinger was born into a Jewish family in Frankfurt, Germany in 1897.  Her father Ludwig Edinger (1855–1918) was a neurologist who founded Frankfurt’s first neurological research institute.  Nevertheless, he did not support Tilly’s early interests in neurology because of her gender.

Legends of Rock: Gertrude Elles

Pioneering palaeontologist, geologist and woman of science

As reported in the last issue of Palaeontology Newsletter, the Association has introduced a new award for public engagement, which Council has decided should be named in honour of the pioneering palaeontologist Gertrude Elles (1872–1960).  Principally known for her work on graptolites and Lower Palaeozoic stratigraphy, Elles was a pioneer in many respects.

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