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Annual Meeting 2015 - Cardiff: Schedule

Number: 59th Annual Meeting
Year: 2015
Location: Cardiff
Hosted By: Cardiff University and Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales
Organised By: Caroline Buttler, Lesley Cherns and Lucy McCobb
General Contact Email:


This is a draft schedule. Timings and events may change without notice untill a final version is published.

Monday 14th December

SPIERS Training Workshop (funded by the Software Sustainability Institute).

Russell Garwood, Mark Sutton and Imran Rahman

N.B. Pre-register to participate - see SPIERS Training Course for more details.


Main Building, Cardiff University, Palaeontology Lab. 2.14


Thematic Symposium: “Palaeobiotic interactions”

Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre, National Museum Cardiff

Underlined author denotes designated speaker


Welcome from Dr Richard Bevins (Keeper of Natural Sciences) followed by logistical information.


Competition and symbiosis on marine hard substrates in the fossil record

Paul D. Taylor


Leaving no stone unturned: the feedback between biotic diversity and early diagenesis

V. Paul Wright and Lesley Cherns


Fossil lichens

Rosmarie Honegger, Dianne Edwards and Lindsey Axe


Tea/coffee break


Something ate my fossil:  from anecdote to testing hypotheses

Elizabeth M. Harper


Rooted in Earth history: the Devonian transition to a forested planet

Christopher M. Berry, William E. Stein, Peter Giesen, John E. A. Marshall and Honghe Xu


Animal-animal and animal-microbial ecological interactions in ancient methane seep communities

Crispin T. S. Little



Main Hall, National Museum Cardiff


Icebreaker reception


Tuesday 15th December

Conference, Association AGM, and Annual Dinner

Underlined author denotes designated speaker

*Candidates for the President’s Prize are marked with an asterisk.

+Posters in Viriamu Jones (VJ) Gallery/Council Chamber, Main Building, Cardiff University

Session 1 (Shared Lecture Theatre, E1.21 Sir Martin Evans Building, Cardiff University)


Opening of the Annual Meeting followed by logistical information.


The Anthropocene biosphere

Mark Williams, Jan Zalasiewicz, Peter K. Haff, Christian Schwägerl, Anthony D. Barnosky and Erle C. Ellis


The grapes among the apes: implications of a new fossil record of the Vitaceae from the African Miocene

*Neil F. Adams, Margaret E. Collinson, Selena Y. Smith, Marion K. Bamford, Félix Forest, Panagiota Malakasi, Federica Marone and Dan Sykes


Evidence for Sexual Dimorphism in the Plated Dinosaur Stegosaurus mjosi (Ornithischia, Stegosauria) from the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Western USA

*Evan T. Saitta


Tetrapodophis amplectus, a four-legged snake from the Early Cretaceous of Gondwana, and implications for the origins of snakes 

Nicholas R. Longrich, David M. Martill and Helmut Tischlinger


Ancient spiders and salt lakes

Paul A. Selden and Matt R. Downen


"MISS" Conceptions and Misconceptions: Microbial, Abiotic and Problematic Sedimentary Surface Textures from the Archean to the Present

Neil S. Davies, Alexander G. Liu and Martin Gibling


VJ Gallery, Main Building, Cardiff University


Tea/coffee break and posters+


Session 2 (Shared Lecture Theatre, E1.21 Sir Martin Evans Building, Cardiff University)


How big is a genus?

Julia D. Sigwart, Keith D. Bennett and Mark Sutton


A stable isotopic investigation of chemosymbiosis through geological time

*Edine Pape, Fiona L. Gill, Crispin T. S. Little and Robert J. Newton


Silicified molluscs from the Vikinghøgda Formation, central Spitsbergen: systematic and palaeoecological significance.

*William Foster, Silvia Danise and Richard Twitchett


The radiation of plankton during the Bajocian: a Mesozoic pelagic revolution

*Nickolas J. Wiggan, James B. Riding and Nicholas J. Butterfield


When fossils and living taxa agree on patterns of morphological evolution: a case study with Afrotheria

*Mark N. Puttick and Gavin H. Thomas


The Strawberry Bank Lagerstätte reveals insights into Early Jurassic life

Michael J. Benton, Matt Williams, Andrew Ross and Matt Friedman


VJ Gallery, Main Building, Cardiff University


Lunch and posters+


Session 3a (Large Shandon Lecture Theatre, -1.64 Main Building, Cardiff University; in parallel with Session 3b)


Conodont-based, high-resolution, quantitative biochronology of the end-Permian mass extinction in South China

*Morgane Brosse, Hugo Bucher and Nicolas Goudemand


Phylogenetic relationships of Heterostraci, agnthans on the gnathostome stem

*Emma L. Randle and Robert S. Sansom


The 100 million year journey to teleost supremacy

*John Clarke, Lauren Sallan and Matt Friedman


The ecomorphological diversifications of Mesozoic marine reptiles

*Thomas L. Stubbs and Michael J. Benton


Phylogeny and macroevolution of crocodylomorphs.

*Max T. Stockdale, Michael J. Benton, Mario Bronzati, Marco B. de Andrade and Gavin H. Thomas


Evolutionary rates reveal mechanisms of axial body plan evolution in Sauropterygia

*Laura C. Soul and Roger B. J. Benson


Session 3b (Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, 1.123 Main Building, Cardiff University; in parallel with Session 3a)


Experimental taphonomy and the role of decay and preservation in determining the anatomy and diversity of Cambrian vertebrates

Mark A. Purnell, Sarah E. Gabbott, Duncan J. E. Murdock and Peiyun Cong


Unlocking the Preservation Pathways of Cambrian Neural Tissue

Xiaoya Ma, Gregory D. Edgecombe, Xianggang Hou, Tomasz Goral and Nicholas J. Strausfeld


The role of framboidal pyrite and sulfur cycling in Ediacaran taphonomy 

Alexander G. Liu


Clay-microbe interactions and implications for exceptional preservation

Sean H. McMahon and Derek E. G. Briggs


Phosphatisation of soft-tissues: an integrated palaeontological and geochemical analysis of the Christian Malford Lagerstätte (Callovian, Middle Jurassic)

Phil R. Wilby, Mark A. Woods, Keith L. Duff, Greg D. Price, Mike J. Norry, John D. Hudson, Kevin N. Page, Roy G. Clements and Malcolm B. Hart


How do marine microfossils get trapped in amber?

Leyla J. Seyfullah, Dennis Grabow and Alexander R. Schmidt


VJ Gallery, Main Building, Cardiff University


Tea/coffee break and posters+


Session 4 (Shared Lecture Theatre, E11.21 Sir Martin Evans Building, Cardiff University)


A Cambrian greening of the terrestrial landscape

Paul K. Strother


Cryptogamic ground covers as modern analogues of early terrestrial ecosystems

Ria L. Mitchell and Paul Kenrick


Variations in wildfire activity driven by atmospheric oxygen changes across the Toarcian OAE

*Sarah J. Baker, Claire M. Belcher, Stephen P. Hesselbo and Tim M. Lenton


Hot and fiery or just hot? A global record of early Paleogene wildfire.

*Brittany E Robson, Margaret E. Collinson, Walter Riegel, Volker Wilde, Andrew C. Scott, Erica M. Crouch, Elizabeth M. Kennedy, J. Ian Raine, Christian Dupuis, Carlos Jaramillo and Richard D. Pancost




Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Annual Address: Computer modelling and simulation of extinct organisms: its utility and limitations for reconstructing the evolution of locomotor behaviour

John R. Hutchinson


City Hall




Annual Dinner


Wednesday 16th December

Conference & Poster session

Session 5 (VJ Gallery/Council Chamber, Main Building, Cardiff University)


POSTER SESSION+ with tea/coffee & Welsh cakes

Sponsored by The Paleontological Institute & Frontiers in Earth Science


Session 6a (Large Shandon Lecture Theatre, -1.64 Main Building, Cardiff University; in parallel with Session 6b)


The Mesoproterozoic Ruyang Group, China – a hotspot of early eukaryote biodiversity

*Heda Agi?, Ma?gorzata Moczyd?owska and Leiming Yin


New windows into the ecology and taphonomy of Ediacaran acanthomorphs

*Peter W. Adamson and Nicholas J. Butterfield


A record of small carbonaceous fossils (SCFs) from the Ediacaran–Cambrian of Baltica: expanding the Burgess Shale-type taphonomic window.

*Ben J. Slater, Thomas H. P. Harvey, Romain Guilbaud and Nicholas J. Butterfield


Ontogeny, preservation, and systematics of Palaeoscolecida (stem-Priapulida?) – is the diversity of the group drastically overestimated?

*Emmanuel L. O. Martin, Rudy Lerosey-Aubril and Peter Van Roy


Annelid fossil data reconciles morphological and molecular phylogenies

*Luke Parry, Gregory D. Edgecombe and Jakob Vinther


The curious case of Rollinschaeta myoplena: reconstruction of extensively phosphatized myoanatomy in extinct taxa

*Paul Wilson, Luke Parry, Dan Sykes, Gregory Edgecombe and Jakob Vinther


Session 6b (Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, 1.123 Main Building, Cardiff University; in parallel with Session 6a)


Morphology of the jaw adductor complex across the cynodont-mammaliaform transition

Stephan Lautenschlager, Pamela Gill, Michael Fagan and Emily J. Rayfield


On the difficulty of reconstructing hybodont dentitions based on isolated teeth

Gilles Cuny and Stanislas Rigal


Near-stasis in the long-term diversification of Mesozoic tetrapods

Roger B. J. Benson, Richard J. Butler, John Alroy, Philip D. Mannion, Matthew T. Carrano and Graeme T. Lloyd


Dinosaur biogeographic structure and Mesozoic continental fragmentation: a network-based approach

Alexander M. Dunhill, Jordan Bestwick, Holly Narey and James Sciberras


Remarkably preserved brain tissue ultrastructure in an Early Cretaceous iguanodontian dinosaur

David B. Norman, Martin D. Brasier, Alexander G. Liu, Laura Cotton, Jamie Hiscocks, Russell Garwood and David Wacey


Camouflage patterns in an ornithischian dinosaur

Jakob Vinther, Robert Nicholls, Stephan Lautenschlager, Gerald Mayr, Emily Rayfield and Innes Cuthill


VJ Gallery, Main Building, Cardiff University


Tea/coffee break and posters+


Session 7a (Large Shandon Lecture Theatre, -1.64 Main Building, Cardiff University; in parallel with Session 7b)


An outstanding upper Katian (Upper Ordovician) fossil assemblage from Portugal (Buçaco, Central Iberian Zone): biostratigraphical and palaeobiogeographical significance

*Jorge Colmenar, Sofia Pereira, Artur A. Sá and Carlos M. da Silva


Biostratigraphical review and palaeobiogeographical remarks on the trilobite genus Lichas Dalman, 1827

*Sofia Pereira, Artur A Sá, M. Pires and Carlos M da Silva


Chitinozoan biozonation in the Arenig Series (Floian–lower Darriwilian stages) of Wales

*Chloé E. A. Amberg, Thijs R. A. Vandenbroucke, Stewart G. Molyneux, Jean-François Ghienne and Philippe Razin


Using fossils and phylogenies to date the timing of key gene regulatory network innovations in echinoids

*Jeffrey R. Thompson, Elizabeth Petsios and David J. Bottjer


Reconstructing Miocene neotropical paleoenvironments: a case study from the paleosols and ichnofossils of Cerdas, Bolivia

*Angeline M. Catena, Daniel I. Hembree, Beverly Z. Saylor and Darin A. Croft


Session 7b (Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, 1.123 Main Building, Cardiff University; in parallel with Session 7a)


On the origin of animals and biologically mediated flow

Nicholas J. Butterfield


How easy was the Ediacaran transition to large body size? Rangeomorph growth, development and complexity.

Jennifer Hoyal Cuthill


Depositional and preservational environments of the Ediacara Member, Rawnsley Quartzite (South Australia): assessing the timing of ‘ferruginization’

Lidya G. Tarhan, Noah J. Planavsky, Mary L. Droser and James G. Gehling


TRiPS, SQS, ACE and Chaos; evaluating the accuracy and precision of species richness estimators in paleobiology.

Jostein Starrfelt


Differential speciation and extinction rates across space and through time: implications for the generation of latitudinal diversity gradients

Erin E. Saupe, Huijie Qiao, Corinne E. Myers, Jorge M. Soberón, A. Townsend Petersen, Stephen J. Hunter, Joy S. Singarayer and Paul J. Valdes


VJ Gallery, Main Building, Cardiff University


Lunch and posters+


Session 8a (Large Shandon Lecture Theatre, -1.64 Main Building, Cardiff University; in parallel with Session 8b)


A new use for old pollen: reconstructing past solar irradiance using pollen chemistry

Phillip E. Jardine, Wesley T. Fraser, Barry H. Lomax and William D. Gosling


Estimation of taxonomic richness variation through geological times: a simulation approach

*Corentin Gibert and Gilles Escarguel


What limits the morphological disparity of clades?

*Jack W. Oyston, Martin Hughes, Peter J. Wagner, Sylvain Gerber and Matthew A. Wills


Ontogenetic stages in the basal Gondwanan eusauropod Patagosaurus

*Femke M. Holwerda, Oliver W. M. Rauhut and Diego Pol


The monophyly of Euparkeriidae and its implications for the rise of crown Archosauria

*Roland B. Sookias


Earliest members of a ‘living fossil’ lineage indicate a late origin of modern ray-finned fish diversity 

*Sam Giles, Guang-Hui Xu and Matt Friedman


Session 8b (Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, 1.123 Main Building, Cardiff University; in parallel with Session 8a)


The eldonids: cryptic éminences grises of the Palaeozoic oceans

Breandán Anraoi MacGabhann and John Murray


The morphology and affinity of the Cambrian "muscle worm"

Allison C. Daley, Emily M. C. Tilby, John P. Paterson, Diego C. Garcia-Bellido, Gregory D. Edgecombe and James B. Jago


Recent advances in lobopodian palaeobiology and evolution

Javier Ortega-Hernández


The Ordovician explosion in the designs of trilobite eyes

Brigitte Schoenemann and Euan N. K. Clarkson


Are solemyoids and ctenodontids related?

John C. W. Cope


Evactinostella crucialis - another weird and wonderful bryozoan

Eckart Håkansson, Marcus Key and Andrej Ernst


VJ Gallery, Main Building, Cardiff University


Tea/coffee break (take down posters)


Session 9 (Large Shandon Lecture Theatre, -1.64 Main Building, Cardiff University)


Conservation paleobiology of Chesapeake Bay oysters

Rowan Lockwood and Kristopher M. Kusnerik


Kalania pusilla, an exceptionally preserved non-calcified alga with oldest documented gametophores from the lower Silurian (Aeronian, Llandovery) of Estonia

Oive Tinn, Viirika Mastik, Leho Ainsaar and Tonu Meidla


Five new Tournaisian tetrapods: their sedimentology and palaeoenvironments

Carys E. Bennett, Jennifer A. Clack, Timothy Kearsey, Sarah J. Davies, David Millward, Tim R. Smithson, Marcello Ruta, Ben Otoo, John E. A. Marshall, Emma Reeves and Andrew Ross


Latitudinal diversity gradients in Mesozoic non-marine turtles

David B. Nicholson, Paul M. Barrett and Patricia A. Holroyd


Presentation by Lyon 2016 organising committee


Presentation of President’s awards to oral and poster presenters: followed by closing remarks

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