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PhD: Correlating the Tournaisian-Viséan boundary in Ireland

Project Title

Correlating the Tournaisian-Viséan boundary in Ireland


National University of Ireland Galway

Supervisors and Institutions

Dr John Murray (NUI Galway)

Funding Status

Funding is in place for this project

Project Description

A multidisciplinary approach (integrating biostratigraphy, carbonate microfacies analysis and gamma-ray spectrometry) will be used to precisely track and correlate the Tournaisian-Viséan boundary across several regions in Ireland, with field data collection at a number of sites. This important time interval is located within the Carboniferous (at c.346.7Ma) and it witnessed profound palaeoenvironmental changes. This project will help to better constrain the timing of these events, which significantly affected the geological evolution of Ireland during the Carboniferous.

Contact Name

Dr John Murray

Contact Email

Link to More Information

Closing Date

Friday, August 26, 2022

Expiry Date

Saturday, August 27, 2022
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