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PhD Opportunities

This lists details the PhD projects that we are aware of. They are by no means exhaustive and the institutions listed, and others, may well be offering additional projects. Further details for many of these projects are already available on institutional websites. Note that application deadlines can be as early as January, and interviews usually take place during the period January-April.

To add a PhD opportunity please use our online form: Add a PhD Opportunity.

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Institution: The Arctic University Museum of Norway, UiT, Tromsø
Supervisor(s): Ass. Prof. Anette Högström UiT, Arctic University of Norway, Ass. Prof. Andreas Altenburger UiT Arctic University of Norway, Dr Jan Ove R. Ebbestad Uppsala University, Prof. Øyvind Hammer University of Oslo
Funding Status: Funding is in place for this project
Description: Marine meiofauna is ubiquitous in most benthic environments today and hold an important role in nutrient circulation in the oceans, most likely through the degradation of organic matter. Meiofaunal representatives can be found from most major taxonomical clades, but our knowledge of existing faunas is poor. The evolutionary history of marine meiofauna and fossil meiofauna is, however, virtually unknown. More information...
Expiry Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023
Institution: The Open University
Supervisor(s): Dr Tom Stubbs (The Open University) Dr Luke Mander (The Open University)
Funding Status: Funding is in competition with other projects and students
Description: Tetrapod animals (amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds) have incredible modern and extinct biodiversity. This is reflected by both species numbers and exceptional variation in morphology and ecology; everything from frogs to dinosaurs. All tetrapods share a basic body plan and many of the same structural skeletal components. Evolutionary processes acting on these flexible components drive variation across geological time and the Tree of Life. This project aims to understand and quantify these processes, with an emphasis on evolutionary flexibility, disparity, directionality, and tempo. More information...
Expiry Date: Sunday, December 31, 2023
Institution: Princeton University
Supervisor(s): Christopher Griffin, Department of Geosciences, Princeton University
Funding Status: Funding is in place for this project
Description: PhD is not tied to a specific project, and is funded via institutional funding (teaching fellowships and research fellowships). The PhD student will have freedom to develop their own project. More information...
Expiry Date: Wednesday, January 3, 2024