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Article: A new odontopleurid trilobite genus from the Devonian of Bohemia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 9
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1966
Page(s): 330 345
Author(s): David L. Bruton
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BRUTON, D. L. 1966. A new odontopleurid trilobite genus from the Devonian of Bohemia. Palaeontology9, 2, 330–345.

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A new odontopleurid genus Isoprusia (type /. mydlakia sp. nov.) is described and assigned to the subfamily Miraspidinae R. and E. Richter, 1917. The new genus includes Odontopleura laportei Hawle and Corda, Acidaspis Ursula Barrande, ? A. sperata Barrande, A. (Ceratocephala) sandbergeri R. and E. Richter, Orpkanaspis cornuticauda Erben, and Koneprusia pennata Lutke. Features of the pygidium of the new genus enable it to be distinguished from Koneprusia Prantl and Pribyl 1949, the type material of which cannot be traced. Odontopleura subterarmata Barrande, is tentatively retained in the genus Koneprusia. The type, and where possible, topotype material of these species is redescribed and figured. Evidence from the thorax of Isoprusia indicates that, in the pleural field and spines, considerable morphological modification can exist between the first formed (anterior) and last formed (posterior) segments. The relationship of the new genus to one or both of the Miraspis-Ceratocephala root stocks has been briefly discussed. A reconstruction of Isoprusia mydlakia is given.
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