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Article: Lower and Middle Devonian spores of North and Central Vestspitsbergen

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 8
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1965
Page(s): 687 748
Author(s): K. C. Allen
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ALLEN, K. C. 1965. Lower and Middle Devonian spores of North and Central Vestspitsbergen. Palaeontology8, 4, 687–748.

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From the Devonian succession in North and Central Vestspitsbergen, seven hundred rock-specimens collected by the author and over three hundred collected by previous Expeditions have been examined macro-scopically; two hundred and fifty of these were prepared for microscopic investigation. These included specimens from every Spitsbergen formation, and consisted typically of medium to fine-grained clastic sediments. Eighty-two dispersed spore species are recorded, of which forty-eight new species are systematically described. Five new genera (Bullatisporites, Craspedispora, Cymbosporites, Aulicosporites, and Chelinospora) are proposed, and another genus (Archaeozonotriletes) is emended. Twenty-five morphologically complex species were sectioned, in order to elucidate and interpret their structure. Consideration is given to corrosion and preservation of the spore exine.
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