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Article: A Lower Carboniferous fauna from Trevallyn, New South Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 8
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1965
Page(s): 54 81
Author(s): John Roberts
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ROBERTS, J. 1965. A Lower Carboniferous fauna from Trevallyn, New South Wales. Palaeontology8, 1, 54–81.

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A Lower Carboniferous (Visean IId-IIIa ) fauna from Trevallyn near Gresford, N.S.W., is listed and the age of the fauna briefly discussed. The species considered in detail are: Fenestella allynensis sp. nov., Werriea australis Campbell, Eomarginifera tenuimontis sp. nov., Marginalia patersonensis sp. nov., Cleiothyri-dina australis Maxwell, Kitakamithyris triseptata (Campbell), Dielasmapicketti sp. nov.,'Camarotoechia' sp. B, Stenoscisma laevis sp. nov.,Prolecanites sp., ? Girtypecten sp., Pernopecten trevallynensis sp. nov., and Diodontop-teria delicata sp. nov.
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