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Article: Silurian bolbozoids and cypridinids (Myodocopa) from Europe: pioneer pelagic ostracods

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 54
Part: 6
Publication Date: November 2011
Page(s): 1361 1391
Author(s): Vincent Perrier, Jean Vannier and David J. Siveter
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PERRIER, V., VANNIER, J., SIVETER, D. J. 2011. Silurian bolbozoids and cypridinids (Myodocopa) from Europe: pioneer pelagic ostracods. Palaeontology54, 6, 1361–1391.

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Bolbozoid and cypridinid myodocope ostracods from France, the Czech Republic and Sardinia consist of four genera (one new: Silurocypridina) and at least ten species (eight new: Bolbozoe acuta, B. rugosa, B. parvafraga, Parabolbozoe armoricana, Silurocypridina retroreticulata, S. variostriata, S. calva and Calocaria robusta). They have a functional design, palaeogeographical distribution, depositional setting and faunal associates that suggest that they were swimmers in the water column, living in dim light, relatively deep environments, above near bottom dysoxic/anoxic conditions. These myodocope faunas include some possible pelagic species sensu stricto, with widespread palaeogeographical (transoceanic) distribution, and some species that occupied hyperbenthic niches and were capable of making short incursions to the sediment to scavenge on carrion. These data support the model that Silurian myodocopes were pioneer pelagic ostracods.
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