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Article: Maastrichtian cephalopods from Cerralvo, north-eastern Mexico

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 47
Part: 6
Publication Date: November 2004
Page(s): 1575 1627
Author(s): Christina Ifrim, Wolfgang Stinnesbeck and José Guadalupe López-Oliva
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IFRIM, C., STINNESBECK, W., LÓPEZ-OLIVA, J. 2004. Maastrichtian cephalopods from Cerralvo, north-eastern Mexico. Palaeontology47, 6, 1575–1627.

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Sediments of the Mendez Formation near Cerralvo, north-eastern Mexico, yield an abundant and diverse Maastrichtian ammonite assemblage. A total of 23 species referred to 18 genera are described, in addition to the possible coleoid Naefia neogaeia. The assemblage is considered to be of early Maastrichtian age on the basis of ammonite occurrences and has been dated to the lower Maastrichtian biozone CF 7 by planktic foraminifera. None of the ammonite species has been reported previously from the Mendez Formation and most species are recorded from Mexico for the first time. In addition to faunal elements known from other Gulf of Mexico localities [Baculites ovatus, Nostoceras (N.) alternatum, N. (N.) colubriformis, N. (N.) rugosum, Solenoceras reesidei] the assemblage is characterized by cosmopolitan (e.g. Anagaudryceras politissimum, Desmophyllites diphylloides, Diplomoceras cylindraceum, Gaudryceras kayei, Phyllopachyceras forbesianum, and Pseudophyllites indra) and Tethyan elements [e.g. Brahmaites (Anabrahmaites) vishnu, Fresvillia constricta, Hauericeras rembda, Solenoceras texanum, Tetragonites superstes]. Some ammonite species have been known from the Indopacific region a [e.g. Fresvillia aff. F. teres, Neophylloceras (Hypophylloceras) hetonaiense, Zelandites varuna] and are clearly cold-water species. The composition of the assemblage contrasts with other Gulf of Mexico faunas which is related to bathymetry.
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