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Article: Parasitism on graptoloid graptolites

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 43
Part: 6
Publication Date: December 2000
Page(s): 1143 1151
Author(s): Denis E. B. Bates and David K. Loydell
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BATES, D. E. B., LOYDELL, D. K. 2000. Parasitism on graptoloid graptolites. Palaeontology43, 6, 1143–1151.

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A review of evidence for parasitism on graptoloid graptolites is presented. The phenomenon is rare, having been recorded in only a few biserial forms and straight monograptids. Most periderm outgrowths secreted as a response to parasitism are small and blister-like, but in two new specimens remarkable tubular outgrowths occur. These would have had a detrimental, but clearly not fatal, influence on the functioning of these graptolites, particularly with regard to the hydrodynamics and buoyancy of the rhabdosorne and the energy expended in secreting additional periderm.
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