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Article: Miocene spiders in Dominican amber (Oonopidae, Mysmenidae)

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 43
Part: 2
Publication Date: June 2000
Page(s): 343 357
Author(s): David Penney
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PENNEY, D. 2000. Miocene spiders in Dominican amber (Oonopidae, Mysmenidae). Palaeontology43, 02, 343–357.

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Oonops seldeni sp. nov. and Mysmenopsis lissycoleyae sp. nov. are described from male specimens preserved in Miocene amber from the Dominican Republic and are the first fossil records of these extant genera. Gamasomorpha incerta Wunderlich, 1988 is transferred to Stenoonops. Two females previously described as Orchestina dominicana? Wunderlich, 1981 are transferred to Orchestina sp. indet., and one new specimen of a male of Orchestina dominicana Wunderlich, 1988 is identified. Oonopidae is reported for the first time from Cretaceous ambers of Burma, Lebanon and New Jersey. These are the oldest records of this family, extending the known range from the Rupelian (Oligocene) to the Valanginian (Lower Cretaceous). Recent Stenoonops and Mysmenopsis are unknown from Hispaniola. The presence of these genera in amber suggests that they will be found. The presence of Mysmenopsis in amber is further evidence of kleptoparasitic/commensal spiders in the Miocene.
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