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Article: Teuthid cephalopods from the Lower Jurassic of Yorkshire

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 33
Part: 1
Publication Date: March 1990
Page(s): 193 207
Author(s): Peter Doyle
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DOYLE, P. 1990. Teuthid cephalopods from the Lower Jurassic of Yorkshire. Palaeontology33, 1, 193–207.

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Specimens of four teuthid species, Loligosepia aalensis (Zieten), Jeletzkyteuthis agassizi (Deslongchamps), Teudopsis schuebleri (Quenstedt) and T. subcostata (Munster), are described from the Whitby Mudstone Formation (Toarcian) of North Yorkshire. Jeletzkyteuthis nom. nov. is erected to replace Loliginites Quenstedt which is nomenclaturally invalid. This teuthid fauna is found to be similar to that of southern England, Normandy and southern Germany.
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