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Article: Upper Llandovery dendroid graptolites from the Pentland Hills, Scotland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 30
Part: 1
Publication Date: March 1987
Page(s): 117 140
Author(s): Elizabeth E. Bull
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BULL, E. E. 1987. Upper Llandovery dendroid graptolites from the Pentland Hills, Scotland. Palaeontology30, 1, 117–140.

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Well-preserved dendroids and graptoloids of Upper Llandovery, Monoclimacis crenulata Zone age are reported from the North Esk Inlier in the Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh, Scotland. The effects of palaeogeography and tectonics at the time of this zone are discussed, and a section on dendroid terminology is included. One new species Dictyonema pentlandica sp. nov. is described and ten other species (six of which have not been recorded from Britain before) are discussed. Emended diagnoses, based on material from the Pentland Hills, for the genus Thallograptus and most species are presented.
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