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Article: The external anatomy of some Carboniferous 'scorpions'. Part 2

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 3
Part: 3
Publication Date: December 1960
Page(s): 276 332
Author(s): Leonard J. Wills
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WILLS, L. J. 1960. The external anatomy of some Carboniferous 'scorpions'. Part 2. Palaeontology3, 3, 276–332.

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Part 2 is concerned with the anatomy of eight Orthostern 'scorpions', developed by the technique described in Part 1 (Palaeontology, 1, 261-82). Virtually complete skins of two are described. The first is a paratype of Buthiscorpius buthiformis (Pocock), the description of which is supplemented from a second, less complete, example. The second is Mazoniscorpio mazonensis gen. et sp. nov. Each of the remaining five is incomplete as only half-nodules were available. They comprise a new-species of Buthiscorpius—B. major; a new genus and species—Wattisonia coseleyensis; and three unidentifiable forms. Each provides valuable data about one or more organs: yet there is still no absolutely convincing evidence as to how any of them breathed. There follows a revised diagnosis and description of the Lobostern Eoscorpius tuberculatus Peach, here made the type species of Benniescorpio gen. nov. The paper ends with a brief discussion of the anatomical and ecological conclusions to be inferred from the descriptions in both Parts, followed by four supplementary notes correcting statements in Part 1 and describing new development-techniques.
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