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Article: Silurian encrinurid trilobites from Gotland and Dalarna, Sweden

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 29
Part: 3
Publication Date: September 1986
Page(s): 527 575
Author(s): Lars Ramsköld
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RAMSKÖLD, L. 1986. Silurian encrinurid trilobites from Gotland and Dalarna, Sweden. Palaeontology29, 3, 527–575.

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Trilobites of the family Encrinuridae are described from the Silurian of Gotland and Dalarna, Sweden. Twelve species (nine named, of which four are new) are assigned to two genera. Three subgenera of Encrinurus are recognized, including E. (Australurus) subgen. nov. and E. {Nucleurus) subgen. nov. Balizoma is redefined by excluding species here included in E. (Nucleurus). A directional, morphological trend is shown between several populations of E. (Encrinurus) macrourus Schmidt, 1859. E. (E.) schmidti Mannil, 1968 is a junior subjective synonym of E. (E.) schisticola Tornquist, 1884. Balizoma obtusus (Angelin, 1851) may be a widespread species, possibly occurring also in Britain, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Podolia, and Canada. New species described are E. (E.) intersitus, E. (E.)jarkanderi, E. (E.) nasutus, and E. (E.) odvaldensis.
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