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Article: The Late Triassic reptile Teratosaurus—a rauisuchian, not a dinosaur

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 29
Part: 2
Publication Date: June 1986
Page(s): 293 301
Author(s): Michael J. Benton
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BENTON, M. J. 1986. The Late Triassic reptile Teratosaurus—a rauisuchian, not a dinosaur. Palaeontology29, 2, 293–301.

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Teratosaurus, based on a maxilla from the late Triassic of Germany, is shown to have been a rauisuchian, and not a dinosaur. The Family Teratosauridae, based on skull remains and skeletons from around the world, is not an early radiation of carnivorous dinosaurs: it consists of the skeletons of prosauropod dinosaurs and the skulls and teeth of rauisuchians, or unidentifiable archosaurs. Other records of middle Triassic dinosaurs are also suspect. The Rauisuchia was a widespread and important group of large carnivores in the middle and late Triassic, and they had no close relationship with any dinosaurs.
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