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Article: Early Eocene insectivores (Mammalia) from the People's Republic of Mongolia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 29
Part: 2
Publication Date: June 1986
Page(s): 269 291
Author(s): D. E. Russell and D. Dashzeveg
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RUSSELL, D. E., DASHZEVEG, D. 1986. Early Eocene insectivores (Mammalia) from the People's Republic of Mongolia. Palaeontology29, 2, 269–291.

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The early Eocene insectivores of the Tsagan-Khushu locality in Mongolia are described. Two new genera and species of Nyctitheriidae, Bumbanius rarus and Oedolius perexiguus, and two new genera and species of Palaeoryctidae, Naranius infrequens and Tsaganius ambiguus are described and compared. A panto-lestid similar to Palaeosinopa and an unidentified form bearing a resemblance to Hyracolestes are also discussed. This study indicates that the early Eocene insectivores of Mongolia were not strongly endemic and probably participated in the Holarctic faunal distribution through Europe and North America.
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