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Article: Xiphosurid burrows from the Lower Coal Measures (Westphalian A) of West Yorkshire

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 28
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1985
Page(s): 619 628
Author(s): J. I. Chisholm
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CHISHOLM, J. I. 1985. Xiphosurid burrows from the Lower Coal Measures (Westphalian A) of West Yorkshire. Palaeontology28, 4, 619–628.

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Bilobate burrows lying parallel to bedding are described from a shallow-water sandstone. The burrows are linked to structures produced by oblique movement through the sediment, the outlines of these suggesting that the animal responsible was a xiphosurid, perhaps Bellinurus. The internal structure of the burrows shows transverse markings on either side of a median furrow but the external surfaces are poorly preserved and it is uncertain to which of the existing bilobate ichnogenera the trace fossil belongs. It is provisionally referred to Aulichnites Fenton and Fenton, 1937 as Aulichnites? bradfordensis ichnosp. nov.
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