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Article: The mid-Proterozoic Little Dal macrobiota, Mackenzie Mountains, north-west Canada

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 28
Part: 2
Publication Date: May 1985
Page(s): 331 354
Author(s): Hans J. Hofmann
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HOFMANN, H. J. 1985. The mid-Proterozoic Little Dal macrobiota, Mackenzie Mountains, north-west Canada. Palaeontology28, 2, 331–354.

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The Little Dal macrobiota is now known to comprise the previously reported carbonaceous megafossils Chuaria circularis, Tawuia dalensis, Moranial antiqua, and Beltina danai, as well as the following additional taxa: Longfengshania stipitata, Grypania spiralis, Daltaenia mackenziensis n.g. and sp., Tyrasotaenia sp., and Tyrasotaenia? sp. The dubiofossil 'Bergaueria?' reported earlier is probably nonbiogenic.Of special interest are three-dimensionally preserved specimens of Chauria, Tawuia, and Tyrasotaenia?, found associated with 'molar-tooth' structure. A carbonized test separates the pure, equigranular, microcrystalline calcite infilling of the fossil interior from an argillaceous carbonate matrix. This infilling is optically and chemically indistinguishable from that comprising the 'molar-tooth' structure. These relationships indicate comparable processes and timing for both fossilization of the organisms and filling of syneresis cracks during compaction and consolidation of the sediment.
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