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Article: Ichnological nomenclature of clavate borings

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 27
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1984
Page(s): 793 807
Author(s): Simon R. A. Kelly and Richard G. Bromley
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KELLY, S. R. A., BROMLEY, R. G. 1984. Ichnological nomenclature of clavate borings. Palaeontology27, 4, 793–807.

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The use of ichnoterminology for flask-shaped borings is reviewed. The names Gastrochaenolites Leymcrie and Teredolites Leymerie are recommended for use as ichnogenera for such borings in lithic and lignic substrates respectively. A range of morphology is recognized for each genus and the following new ichnospecies are described: G, ampullatus. G. cluniformis, G. dijugus, G. lapidicus. G, orbicularis, G. ornutus, G. torpedo, G. turbinatus, and T. longissimus, A key is given for rapid identification of the species, and stratigraphic distributions are given.
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