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Article: A reappraisal of the Lower Carboniferous lepidophyte Eskdalia Kidston

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 27
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1984
Page(s): 707 718
Author(s): B. A. Thomas and S. V. Meyen
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THOMAS, B. A., MEYEN, S. V. 1984. A reappraisal of the Lower Carboniferous lepidophyte Eskdalia Kidston. Palaeontology27, 4, 707–718.

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Two new species of Eskdalia are described from the Lower Carboniferous of Siberia. Eskdalia has been thought to possess true leaf scars produced as a result of leaf abscission. The new specimens similarly have misleading oval areas thought to indicate leaf abscission. However, closer examination and consideration of sedimentary effects upon preservation, shows that leaves are still attached although their preservation is poor. The genus is rediagnosed and compared with other similar lepidophytes.
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