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Article: Autecology and distribution of the Silurian brachiopod Dubaria

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 27
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1984
Page(s): 699 706
Author(s): Brian Jones and John M. Hurst
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JONES, B., HURST, J. M. 1984. Autecology and distribution of the Silurian brachiopod DubariaPalaeontology27, 4, 699–706.

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Smooth-shelled atrypoid brachiopods, Dubaria varians (Poulsen, 1943) and Dubaria sp. nov., occur in Llandovery strata of western North Greenland in cryptic habitats associated with biostromes and reefs. This ecological preference probably explains their patchy spatial and temporal distribution. It may explain the stratigraphic distribution of Dubaria since other species in the genus also occur in association with reefs. External morphological features of Dubaria are comparable with the morphological adaptions of a species of Atrypoidea which lived in direct association with reefs in the upper Silurian of Arctic Canada.
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