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Article: Tooth replacement in a new genus of procolophonid from the early Triassic of China

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 26
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1983
Page(s): 567 583
Author(s): Li Jin Ling
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LING, L. 1983. Tooth replacement in a new genus of procolophonid from the early Triassic of China. Palaeontology26, 3, 567–583.

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A new genus of procolophonid, Eumetabolodon, from the lower Triassic of Inner Mongolia, China, is described; E. bathycephalus (sp. nov.) is the type-species of the new genus and E. dongshengensis (sp. nov.) is also referred to that genus. Eumetabolodon is characterized by its very deep skull, large orbit, and by the posterior position of the articulation for the lower jaw. The dental morphology, the tooth wear, and the evidence of tooth replacement in this animal are also described in detail. It is suggested that the animal replaced its teeth during growth, for it seems that the conical post-canine teeth of young individuals are replaced by transversely broad, bicuspid teeth, which are themselves replaced in turn by the next generation of teeth. The replacement of individual teeth is discussed; the sequence and rate of replacement are still unknown.
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