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Article: A reappraisal of the European Eocene primate Periconodon

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 26
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1983
Page(s): 227 230
Author(s): Ian Tattersall and Jeffrey H. Schwartz
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TATTERSALL, I., SCHWARTZ, J. H. 1983. A reappraisal of the European Eocene primate PericonodonPalaeontology26, 1, 227–230.

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The Eocene primate Periconodon has recently been widely regarded as belonging to the family Adapidae, and several authors have synonymized it with Anchomomys, another adapid. Re-examination of the type material of Periconodon has revealed that the genus is distinct, and that its affinities lie not with Adapidae but with the otherwise exclusively North American family Omomyidae. Periconodon contains only the type species, P. helveticus; recently named new species of Periconodon are wrongly assigned.
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