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Article: A new species of the lungfish Dipnorhynchus from New South Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 25
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1982
Page(s): 509 527
Author(s): K. S. W. Campbell and R. E. Barwick
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CAMPBELL, K. S. W., BARWICK, R. E. 1982. A new species of the lungfish Dipnorhynchus from New South Wales. Palaeontology25, 3, 509–527.

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A new broad-headed species of the primitive lungfish Dipnorhynchus, D. kiandrensis, is described from an isolated skull roof found in the Emsian (Lower Devonian) Lick Hole Limestone at the Ravine, near Kiandra, New South Wales. It is slightly older than the specimens of D. sussmilchi previously described. The existence of extra bones, particularly T and 14, in the cheek of this genus is substantiated. Arguments favouring the existence of H between Z and A in primitive dipnoans are presented. The ethmoidal canals are shown to be less complex in Dipnorhynchus than in Chirodipterus. Fine tubules apparently belonging to the same general system as the ethmoidal canals are found between the dermal roofing bones and the neurocranium over a wide area of the skull.
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