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Article: Osteology of the Jurassic lizard Ardeosaurus brevipes (Meyer)

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 25
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1982
Page(s): 461 469
Author(s): Niall J. Mateer
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MATEER, N. J. 1982. Osteology of the Jurassic lizard Ardeosaurus brevipes (Meyer). Palaeontology25, 3, 461–469.

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A description is given of a new and well-preserved specimen of Ardeosaurus brevipes from the Solnhofen facies of the Kimmeridgian of Bavaria, Germany. The specimen is in the Paleontological Museum of Uppsala University (PMU.R58). The type of A. brevipes is missing and only a cast represents the poorly preserved original. The new specimen has characters exemplifying the similarities between the two species of Ardeosaurus: A. brevipes and A. digitatellus. Differences between Ardeosaurus and a similar genus Eichstaetti-saurus are clarified and emphasized. The specimen is compared with other Jurassic lizards also probably belonging to the Gekkota: Yabeinosaurus, Bavarisaurus, and Palaeolacerta.
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