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Article: Bryozoa from the Jurassic Portland Beds of England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 24
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1981
Page(s): 863 875
Author(s): P. D. Taylor
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TAYLOR, P. D. 1981. Bryozoa from the Jurassic Portland Beds of England. Palaeontology24, 4, 863–875.

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The Portlandian deposits of southern England contain a moderately abundant, low diversity bryozoan fauna. One new species, Microecia southwellensis, is described, and established species, apart from penetrant ctenostomes, are revised. The genus Elaphopora is considered invalid and E. cervina Lang is referred to Mesenteripora. The ecological niche usually occupied in the Jurassic by the cyclostome Stomatopora was filled by the earliest known cheilostome bryozoan, Pyriporopsis portlandensis Pohowsky, during most of Portlandian times. Animals grazing the surfaces of bivalve shells for food may have affected the bryozoans encrusting these shells.
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