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Article: A comparison between the Triassic trace fossils of Cheshire and south Germany

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 24
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1981
Page(s): 555 588
Author(s): John E. Pollard
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POLLARD, J. E. 1981. A comparison between the Triassic trace fossils of Cheshire and south Germany. Palaeontology24, 3, 555–588.

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Ten distinct types of invertebrate trace fossils have been collected from the Waterstones and Lower Keuper Marl (= Tarporley Siltstone Formation, Mercia Mudstone Group, U. Scythian-Anisian, L.-M. Triassic, Warrington et al. 1980) of north Cheshire. This ichnofauna shows elements assignable to the Scoyenia and Glossifungites-Skolithos ichnofacies contrasting with the Scoyenia ichnofacies assemblage in the underlying aeolian/fluvial 'Keuper' Sandstone (= Helsby Sandstone Formation, Sherwood Sandstone Group, Scythian, L. Triassic—Warrington et al. 1980). Within the Glossifungites ichnofacies a low-mid intertidal sandflat Diplocraterion luniforme association and high intertidal mudflat Thalassinoides cf. suevicus association are recognized. In terms of behavioural groupings and ichnospecies composition the ichnofauna of the Waterstones compares most closely with that of the Rot (U. Scythian-Anisian) of the south German basin (S. Hessen-Wiirttemberg-Vosges). The Anisian transgression in the Cheshire basin appears to have been both slower and more restricted than in south Germany, where additional Cruziana ichnofacies trace fossils and body fossils indicate fully marine conditions preceding the Muschelkalk carbonates.The trace fossils described from Cheshire and compared with German forms are cf. Arenicolites sp., Diplocraterion luniforme, Isopodichnus sp., Lingulichnus vertically, Palaeophycus triadica, Phycodes curvipalmatum ichnosp. nov., Planolites sp., small stuffed burrows, striated oblique burrows and Thalassinoides cf. suevicus.
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