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Article: The ornithischian dinosaur Camptosaurus prestwichii from the Upper Jurassic of England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 23
Part: 2
Publication Date: May 1980
Page(s): 411 443
Author(s): Peter M. Galton and H. Philip Powell
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GALTON, P. M., POWELL, H. 1980. The ornithischian dinosaur Camptosaurus prestwichii from the Upper Jurassic of England. Palaeontology23, 2, 411–443.

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The holotype of Iguanodon prestwichii Hulke, a reasonably complete skeleton from the Lower Kimmeridge Clay (Upper Jurassic, Lower Kimmeridgian) near Oxford, is redescribed and, because it is very similar to that of Camptosawus dispar from the Upper Kimmeridgian of North America, is referred to the genus Camptosaurus as C. prestwichii (Hulke). The skeleton of C. prestwichii is more gracile and differs in a few other respects from those of C. dispar. C. prestwichii is the only undoubted species of Camptosaurus described from outside North America. The intramaxillary cavity of Camptosaurus probably housed a gland. Only the base of the paroccipital process of C. prestwichii is formed by the opisthotic, with the exoccipital forming the main occipital part. Documentation of an English species of Camptosaurus provides evidence for a land connection between Europe and North America some time during the early Late Jurassic, but the hypsilophodontid Dryosaurus may have used a different route between East Africa and North America.
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