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Article: Olenellus (Trilobita) from the Lower Cambrian strata of north-west Scotland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 21
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1978
Page(s): 615 634
Author(s): John Cowie and K. J. McNamara
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COWIE, J., MCNAMARA, K. J. 1978. Olenellus (Trilobita) from the Lower Cambrian strata of north-west Scotland. Palaeontology21, 3, 615–634.

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New material of Olenellus lapworthi: Peach and Horne, 1892,0. reticulatus Peach, 1894, and O. intermedius Peach, 1894, enables redescription of these forms and illustration by photographs for the first time. O. gigas Peach, 1894 is suppressed and O. hamoculus sp. nov. is erected. Graphs are used to illustrate the relationships established. The fauna represents the younger part of the Bonnia-Olenellus Zone in the Pacific Province of the Olenellid Realm.
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