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Article: The Jurassic selachian fish Protospinax Woodward

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 19
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1976
Page(s): 733 747
Author(s): J. G. Maisey
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MAISEY, J. G. 1976. The Jurassic selachian fish Protospinax Woodward. Palaeontology19, 4, 733–747.

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Protospinax Woodward, 1919 (Kimmeridgian) is synonymous with Belemnobatis Thiolliere, 1854, and is a rhinobatoid. The paratype of P. annectans Woodward, 1919 differs fundamentally from the holotype; it is described as Squalogaleus woodwardi gen. and sp. nov. and has galeoid-like jaws which lack an otic process. Primitive rhinobatoids and squatinoids have similar pectoral fin structure and a pectoral notch, suggesting a close primitive relationship.
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