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Article: The lectotype of the ammonite Cadomites psilacanthus (Wermbter)

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 18
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1975
Page(s): 871 877
Author(s): G. E. G. Westermann and M. Rioult
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WESTERMANN, G. E. G., RIOULT, M. 1975. The lectotype of the ammonite Cadomites psilacanthus (Wermbter). Palaeontology18, 4, 871–877.

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The inflated 'Am. humphriesianus' d'Orbigny (1845, pl. 134, figs. 1-4), non J. Sowerby (1825), has subsequently been named three times; the oldest objective synonym is Stephanoceras psilacanthus Wermbter (1891). The lectotype has been found in the British Museum (Natural History) and is redescribed. It probably came from the boundary Humphriesianum-Subfurcatum Zones at Sully, near Bayeux, Normandy. Specimens from the Parkinsoni Zone described under Cadomites arkelli Sturani (1964), the youngest objective synonym, are C. psilacanthus sturanii subsp. nov.
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