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Article: Bibliography and index of catalogues of type, figured, and cited fossils in museums in Britain

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 18
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1975
Page(s): 753 773
Author(s): Michael G. Bassett
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BASSETT, M. G. 1975. Bibliography and index of catalogues of type, figured, and cited fossils in museums in Britain. Palaeontology18, 4, 753–773.

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Published (and some unpublished) information on the distribution of type, figured, and cited fossils in museums in Great Britain and Ireland is collated in a bibliography as an initial aid in tracing type collections and individual specimens. The catalogues are indexed taxonomically, stratigraphically, and by museums. A supplementary reference list draws attention to some further publications which may be useful in locating old collections.... Of what advantage was it to science that, when Dr Otto Jaekel was writing his admirable memoir on the Devonian crinoids of Germany, all the type specimens described by Schultze in his 'Echinodermen des Eifler Kalkes' were locked up in dusty boxes in a store room at Harvard? . . .T. A. BATHER. 1897. Science, New Ser. 5, 695.... The value of all types and figured specimens, and the necessity for their safe preservation are now duly recognised. The recognition has come none too soon. Specialists in particular have to regret the disappearance of many of the types figured by older authors. And the more doubtful the identification of a species, the more is the disappearance of the type to be regretted, and the greater would be its value if it could be recovered... .s. s. BUCKMAN. 1899. Proc. Cotteswold Nat. Fid Club, 13,133.
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