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Article: A new ?bryozoan from the Carboniferous of eastern Australia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 18
Part: 3
Publication Date: August 1975
Page(s): 571 605
Author(s): Brian A. Engel
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ENGEL, B. A. 1975. A new ?bryozoan from the Carboniferous of eastern Australia. Palaeontology18, 3, 571–605.

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Revision of Australian Carboniferous cryptostome fenestrate bryozoans has resulted in the recognition of a new genus, Septatopora, which has been defined on the basis of nine species, four of which, S. flemingi, S. gloucesterensis, S. nodosa, and S.(?) williamsensis, are new, with the remaining five species having been previously assigned to Fenestella Lonsdale or Polypora M'Coy.The existence of eight apertural septa and an additional orifice on the branch surface proximal to each aperture, place the affinities of the genus in doubt. Grouping with either bryozoans or octocorals is suggested, with the conclusion being drawn that greatest affinities lie with the contemporary genera of fenestrate bryozoans. A new family, doubtfully positioned close to the Family Fenestellidae King, 1850, is erected to contain the new genus.
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