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Article: Chonophyllinid corals from the Silurian of New South Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 17
Part: 3
Publication Date: October 1974
Page(s): 655 668
Author(s): R. A. McLean
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MCLEAN, R. A. 1974. Chonophyllinid corals from the Silurian of New South Wales. Palaeontology17, 3, 655–668.

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Ketophyllum attenuatum sp. nov. from the Rosyth Limestone (Upper Llandovery) of central N.S.W. is described. Mictocystis endophylloides Etheridge 1908, from the Quarry Creek Limeslone (Upper Llandovery) in central N. S. W. is redescribed and a lectotype chosen. Paralectotype material of Yassia enormis (Etheridge 1913) from strata of Ludlow age in the Yass district, southern N.S.W. is reviewed and illustrated. The close affinities of the genera Ketophyllum, Mictocystis, and Yassia are emphasized and their taxonomic status and relationships reviewed.
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