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Article: The Upper Palaeozoic tetracoral genera Lophophyllidium and Timorphyllum

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 17
Part: 3
Publication Date: October 1974
Page(s): 441 473
Author(s): Jerzy Fedorowski
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FEDOROWSKI, J. 1974. The Upper Palaeozoic tetracoral genera Lophophyllidium and TimorphyllumPalaeontology17, 3, 441–473.

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The morphology of Lophophyllidium-like genera and their relationships are described and discussed. In early growth stages, Lophophyllidium has a zaphrentoid arrangement of septa with an elongate counter septum; the genus is characterized by a pseudocolumella that is extremely variable in morphology, both ontogenetically and between individuals; septal microstructure is trabecular. The synonymy of Laphophyllidium includes Sinophyllum Grabau. Malonophyllum Okulitch and Albritton, Stereostylus Jeffords, Agarikophyllum Fomitshev. and Khmerophyllum Fontaine; each was originally distinguished on the basis of pseudocolumella morphology.Tanoraphyllum differs from Lophophyllidium in ontogeny and microstructure; macrostructural similarities reflect homeomorphy.
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