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Article: Stereoscan observations on the pollen genus Classopollis Pflug 1953

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 13
Part: 2
Publication Date: August 1970
Page(s): 303 322
Author(s): Y. Reyre
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REYRE, Y. 1970. Stereoscan observations on the pollen genus Classopollis Pflug 1953. Palaeontology13, 2, 303–322.

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The diagnosis of the pollen formgenus Classopollis Pflug 1953 is here emended after both a review of the literature and observation of numerous specimens recovered from Upper Triassic to Middle Cretaceous rocks in the Sahara, Israel, and France. Following a discussion of a proper definition of the species, twelve new species are described. Botanic affinity, taxonomic value, and stratigraphic occurence are also discussed.
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