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Article: A method of stratigraphic correlation using Early Cretaceous miospores

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 12
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1969
Page(s): 84 111
Author(s): N. F. Hughes and J. C. Moody-Stuart
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HUGHES, N. F., MOODY-STUART, J. C. 1969. A method of stratigraphic correlation using Early Cretaceous miospores. Palaeontology12, 1, 84–111.

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Spores of the Cicatricosisporites group are used in correlation between the outcrop Hastings Beds and the Lower Wealden of the Warlingham Borehole, Surrey. Published species are not used, and the fossils selected are described instead in terms of biorecords and events, both of which terms are defined. There is a brief discussion of the relationship of these biorecords to published taxa. The method of use of the fossils is chosen to favour (a) correlation on a fine scale, (b) easy inclusion of extensions of the observations to refine the correlations, and (c) storage and retrieval of essential data as free as possible from points of interpretation, which should be separately labelled and stored. The material is presented in slightly extended form so that the method itself may be criticized and improved. Some of the specific difficulties of handling Cicatricosisporites spores are illustrated and discussed.
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