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Article: Pliosaurus brachyspondylus (Owen) from the Kimeridge Clay

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1959
Page(s): 283 291
Author(s): L. B. Tarlo
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TARLO, L. B. 1959. Pliosaurus brachyspondylus (Owen) from the Kimeridge Clay. Palaeontology1, 4, 283–291.

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The associated skeleton of a Pliosaur from the Kimeridge Clay of Ely is described. Since it is the firsl known Pliosaur of Kimeridgian age which possesses both mandible and limb girdles associated with the vertebra] column, it provides a means whereby Kimeridgian Pliosaurs can be separated into two distinct groups. On the characters of its mandible and scapula the Ely specimen is placed in the genus Pliosaurus, while the characters of its cervical vertebrae enable it to be included in the species P. brachyspondylus (Owen).
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