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Article: The genus Archaias (Foraminifera) and its stratigraphical distribution

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1958
Page(s): 207 225
Author(s): A. H. Smout and F. E. Eames
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SMOUT, A. H., EAMES, F. E. 1958. The genus Archaias (Foraminifera) and its stratigraphical distribution. Palaeontology1, 3, 207–225.

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The genus Archaias Montfort 1808 was emended by Henson 1950. It includes those species of the Family Peneroplidae which have chambers that contain interseptal pillars but no subepidermal partitions. All species are reviewed and described as far as possible. Additional illustrations are given for Middle East species. The stratigraphical occurrences are also considered. The genera Helenis Montfort 1808, Ilotes Montfort 1808, Orbiculina Lamarck 1816 (as by previous authors), and Puteolina Hofker 1952a ( are placed in the synonymy of Archaias. Cyclorbiculina Silvestri 1937 is not, contrary to usage in leading textbooks. Species of Archaias (a) Valid species: Nautilus angulatus Fichtel and Moll 1798. Archaias hensoni sp. nov. Archaias asmaricus sp. nov. Archaias kirkukensis Henson 1950. Nummulites floridanus Conrad 1846. Archaias operculiniformis Henson 1950. (b) Probable valid species (description inadequate): Archaias columbiensis Applin and Jordan 1945 (c) Species removed from Archaias: Orbiculina adunca var. flabelliformis Lister 1903 = Cyclorbiculina compressa. Orbiculina compressa d'Orbigny 1839 = Cyclorbiculina compressa. Orbitolites malabarica Carter 1853 = Taberina malabarica. Orbiculina mamillata Carter 1857 = Orbitolinopsis sp. (Provisionally used for Orbitolina auctt. because the type species O. gigantea d'Orbigny 1857 is a coral.) Orbiculina rotella d'Orbigny 1846 = Borelis sp. Archaias vandervlerki de Neve 1947 = Taberina malabarica. (d) Invalid names (all synonyms of A. angulatus): Nautilus aduncus Fichtel and Moll 1798. Ilotes rotalitatus Montfort 1808. Orbiculina numismalis Lamarck 1822. Helenis spatosus Montfort 1808. Orbiculina nummata Lamarck 1816. Archaias spirans Montfort 1808. Nautilus orbiculus Fichtel and Moll 1798, Orbiculina uncinata Lamarck 1822. non Forskal 1775.
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