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Future Meeting: Fossil Crustaceans: Conference to celebrate the life and work of Joe Collins

Meeting Date: Thursday, November 25, 2021
Location: Online
Organisers: Geologists' Association and the Natural History Museum, London
Contact Email:


The Geologists' Association is hosting an online, posthumous, meeting in honour of Joe S. H. Collins on the 25th of November this year.

Joe was one of Britain's greatest advocates for fossil decapods and had a formidable publication record, particularly on Brachyura, but also other groups of Crustacea, particularly cirripedes. His interests were not limited geographically and included published works on crustaceans from around the globe. Joe was an extraordinary man; he had no formal training in palaeontology, but he achieved more research, fieldwork and awards than most professionals, even before he retired. A familiar sight at UK fossil festivals, Joe was as keen to impart knowledge to non-specialists as to his research collaborators. Kindly and modest, he was a real inspiration to many generations of palaeontologists.

ABSTRACTS' DEADLINE is 15th October.
This is quite soon, but please don't let that put you off - talks will be short. Joe's family will also be attending and we're hoping to have an introductory talk about Joe's life.

Everyone is very welcome, so do forward to anyone who knew, or worked with Joe, or has an interest in his collections and research on decapods.

To register your interest and get online access details, please email:
Abstracts and conference queries should also be sent to this address.

Meeting Convenors: Diana Clements*, Claire Mellish**, Lil Stevens** and Haydon Bailey*
* Geologists' Association and Natural History Museum, London
** Natural History Museum, London

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