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Council (2020)

This is an archived page. For the latest list please follow the links from the Association landing page:

Below you will find the 2020 list of Council members of the Palaeontological Association:

*attends Council meetings but is not a Trustee
** co-opted on to Council at October 2019 meeting.


President Elect*

  • Patrick J. Orr - University College Dublin


Executive Officer*

  • Jo Hellawell
    • e-mail
    • Telephone: +44(0)191 386 1482
    • Address: The Palaeontological Association, Alport House, 35 Old Elvet , Durham, DH1 3HN, UK. 



Editor-in-Chief and Chair of the Editorial Board

  • Barry H. Lomax - University of Nottingham

Publications Officer*

Editor Trustees

  • Mark A. Purnell - University of Leicester
  • Nicholas J. Butterfield - University of Cambridge

Newsletter Editor

Book Review Editor

Publicity Officer

Internet Officer

Outreach Officer

Education Officer

Meetings Coordinator

Diversity Officer

Ordinary Members

  • Thomas Clements - University of Birmingham
  • Sam Giles - University of Birmingham
  • Tom H.P. Harvey - University of Leicester
  • Liz A. Hide - Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences


  • Bethany J. Allen** - Universtiy of Leeds (Progressive Palaeontology 2020 representative; email:
  • Robert S. Sansom** - University of Manchester (Annual Meeting 2020 representative; email:
  • Alan R.T. Spencer - Natural History Museum London/Imperial College London
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