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This column explores aspects of quantitative analysis in paleontological contexts with an emphasis on practicality, understanding of the issues involved in planning a data analysis strategy, and the implications of making choices between available data-analysis techniques. Each essay is written for the novice data analyst, especially those who always wanted to gain knowledge of this subject, but never had the opportunity to do so and haven't managed to make much progress through self-education. In addition, use of the methods discussed are illustrated via MS-Excel spreadsheets containing the various formulas and procedures in the form of worked examples.
Norm MacLeod

Norman MacLeod
The Natural History Museum, London

Newsletter Issue
A Picture May Be Worth 1,000 Landmarks [PDF]
Semilandmarks and Surfaces [PDF]
Landmarks and Semilandmarks: Differences without Meaning and Meaning without Difference [PDF]
Going Round the Bend II: Extended Eigenshape Analysis [PDF]
Going Round the Bend: Eigenshape Analysis I [PDF]
The Centre Cannot Hold II: Elliptic Fourier Analysis [PDF]
The Centre Cannot Hold I: Z-R Fourier Analysis [PDF]
Centroids, Complex Outlines and Shape Functions [PDF]
Semilandmarks and Radial Fourier Analysis [PDF]
Principal Warps, Relative Warps, and Procrustes PCA [PDF]
Principal and Partial Warps [PDF]
Shape Models II: The Thin Plate Spline [PDF]
Form & Shape Models [PDF]
Shape Theory [PDF]
Who is Procrustes and What Has He Done With My Data? [PDF]
Size & Shape Coordinates [PDF]
Distances, Landmarks and Allometry [PDF]
MDS and Ordination [PDF]
Groups 3 [PDF]
Groups 2 [PDF]
Groups 1 [PDF]
Data Blocks and Partial Least Squares Analysis
Rs and Qs part 2: Correspondence Analysis
Minding your R's and Q's - part 1
Factor Analysis
Principal Components Analysis: (Eigenanalysis & Regression 5)
Regression 4
Regression 3
Regression 2
Prospectus and Regression 1
Data Files:

Palaeo-math 101 data file MS Excel spreadsheet providing examples and data for columns from issues 55-67.

Palaeo-math 101 data file 2 MS Excel spreadsheet providing examples and data for columns from issues 68 and later (now in Excel97 xlsx format).

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