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Progressive Palaeontology

Progressive Palaeontology (ProgPal) is an annual conference for postgraduate research students who wish to present their results at at any stage of their research. Undergraduate students in their final year and likely to be starting a postagraduate course later that calendar year are also welcome to attend. All aspects of Palaeontology are welcome.

Progressive Palaeontology provides a framework for developing palaeobiologists in which to present ideas and undertake discuss on their work amongst peers, and is accompanied by social events and field trips. The venue for Progressive Palaeontology changes annually, and the meeting is organised and run by research students.

Upcoming Meeting

Want to Host Progressive Palaeontology?

Progressive Palaeontology (ProgPal) is a very successful postgraduate conference and has blossomed in recent years with more and more delegates from a greater range of institutions in attendance. As such, we have formalised the process by which future applications are assessed.

Please find information on hosting ProgPal here: Hosting Progressive Palaeontology: Application Process